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Bådehavnsgade: The magic of our hood - Come join us

Bådehavnsgade gives us something we can´t find anywhere else and there is an obvious reason why our summer event is called Klondike.

We run our company from Bådehavnsgade in Sydhavnen. In a closed diary smack down in one of the older parts of the neighborhood. Surrounded by makeshift allotment huts and the charming fishing harbor.

As an inventing company who makes relatively advanced products, this might sound rather dodgy. But after a few years on the address, it´s safe to say: We get so much from the surrounding that we couldn't imagine being anywhere else.

Entrepreneurial environment

The old and closed diary containing our office and workshop was turned into a co-working space a few years back. This means we are sharing the space with a wide variety of startups and artists as well as more established companies.

A cool maker-space called ”Beta Factory” just moved in. A place with so many cool, creative people passing by making things on 3D-printers and CNC machines. Which means we´ve unknowingly gotten access to a cool new workshop and a bunch of experts in the technologies – priceless additions to our prototyping!

GSV (professional material rental), Stark (timber shop) and Carl-Ras (building accessories) are also located on the street – all valuable companies for us.

And then there is Copenhagen Boulders which makes an excellent break.

Solving problems with the mix

It´s awesome to have all those strong partners who can help us on various project just around the corner.

But we love sharing the space with folks not directly related to what we do as well – fishermen, artists and so on. After all, we make a living by solving problems in new, meaningful ways, and the opportunity to be around creative people inspires a lot in the process.

Bådehavnsgade has come a long way from the gloomy, industrial place it was decades ago: New startups are moving in, artists are creating cool events and the area is starting to get the recognition it deserves.

We can´t wait to welcome the next wave of settlers.


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