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Where can the technology from our smart bike path be applied?

After finalizing the smart bike path in Egedal, we’re now looking for new ventures for the technology.

The glowing animals beside the super bike path in Egedal Municipality might seem gimmicky, but by making a more fun and engaging biking experience for kids, the project aims to encourage both use and security.

However, animals responding to kids cycling by is just one way to use the technology to heighten engagement. And now we’re looking for new ways to apply the system in new ventures.

3 essential modifiers The system can basically be modified in three main areas:

- Geometry. It doesn’t need to be animals in 2d. The engaging geometry can be formed and shaped in all kinds of ways; 2d or 3d, and materials like concrete, steel or plastic – the physical geometri can be shaped to fit any purpose.

- Input. The animals are activated when pupils cycle by, but the input for engagement can be anything: Motion, light, sound, touch etc.

- Output. The animals glow when engaged, but output sources could also include movement, sound or vibrations.

Are you our next partner? After a successful installation in Egedal Municipality, we’re now looking for new ways to apply the system with a changed geometry, input or output.

We’re currently looking into changing behaviour around activities like cycling, artistic installation, brand/marketing efforts or learning installations around museums or events.

Both permanent and pop-up initiatives are being researched, and we’re just really curious to explore how the system will engage in a different setting.

If you have an idea or a project, where our system could be the differentiating factor, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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