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Socially responsible Logik & Co. partnered with us for working environment

The award-winning construction company Logik & Co. is well known for its social and environmental responsibility. In a new partnership we hope to bring their working environment to the same exceptional level.

The 50 employees at the construction company Logik & Co. is not your average crew. Instead of a bunch of strong, white men, they have a diverse background that can sometimes be hard to unite with a job in the building industry. The company hires people other companies won’t, and it has turned out to be an incredible business model.

At the same time their environmental responsibility is just as ambitious as their social profile. For 30 years they’ve been building and renovating environmentally friendly.

Now they’re aiming to make their employees working environment as exceptional as their social and environmental profile, and we are super excited to partner with Logik & Co. in this pursuit.

A dedicated partner

We have just started the idea- and research part of the partnership with Logik & Co., but we can already confidently say: We’ve never experienced anyone spend the same amount of time and money on their working environment.

During our research, visits on the building sites and idea sessions with the company, we’ve found a series of exciting challenges to solve.

Some have already been identified and solved with existing solutions – and those who couldn’t be solved right away has been turned into development project.

We are super exited to work alongside such a dedicated company and can’t wait to start turning the ideas into technical aids and tools later this year.

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