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Can a room help patients get better?

We're trying to answer this interesting questions, on a new project we're working on for a new hospital in Køge: Can a room help patients get well faster?

The new hospital "Sjælland Universitetshospital" is currently being build in Køge, and for a while we've been working on a new exciting project for them; We're trying to design smart furnitures and interior for 800 single bed rooms for patients and their next of kin.

Where the project gets super interesting, is the fact that the rooms are supposed to be "teaching single rooms" - rooms that help patient with physical traumas rehabilitate faster. And in order to do so, one of the main features is the possibility for relatives to stay over for the night.

Anders Krogdal - lead on the project - showing one of our concepts at a recent workshop.

Basically, the single bed rooms has a bed in the center, medical equipment on one side and smart, feature-packed furniture - the part we are involved in - on the other side. We're trying to figure out how we design smart furniture which fit into the system of a "teaching single room".

Super high requirements We've previously worked on both interior for offices and for the medical industry - and it's always way more complex in the medical industry, as the feature requirements, materials, ease of cleaning and so on is super high.

At the same time we're moving into uncharted territory: How do we design furniture that stimulate patients to get back on their feed quicker?

For this reason we've spend a lot of time on research - and a lot more research and testing is still to come.

Full size mock-up At this stage we can't share a whole lot of details, but so far the research - and help from our great partners - has been turned into seven different design trails. We recently had our first workshop with students, nurses, doctors and builders to discuss the potential of each design concept.

Besides the hard-requirements, we talked about accessibility, how the design affect the view from the bed and so on at the workshop.

We're still very much in the concept phase, but the plan is to move on with two concepts this year, and hopefully start building the best two as 1:1 mock-ups next year. This will lead to us to a physical scenario that can be tested in real life with a real group of users... We can't wait!

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