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We are going IoT and even more technology heavy

Those days it's hard to come by goods which aren't technological to some degree. For that reason we've gotten ourselves a dedicated workshop for electronics.

Apps and motherboard have never been our claim to fame. But even a design driven hardware company like us - who makes semi-heavy machinery for the building industry and sit/stand-desks - have been working with electronics ever since the company started;

The SmartMover was electrically driven, ConHoist has some smart-charging capabilities and mounting windows safely with Upclimber needed some delicate electronic-works.

Every thing we do is getting increasingly more technological, and in order to be compliant with the future, we've set up our very own electronic workshop to up our competencies in the space:

This means we will be able to work on even more complex and technology-heavy project in the future, and truth be told: We can't wait to show you the pretty cool projects that's already in our pipeline!

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