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Use your professional frustration to invent

Your job has some tools or processes that could be better, right? By using that daily annoyance from sub-par moments to spark your creativity, you could make your own as well as others workday better – and maybe even earn a bit as well.

We all know that “there must be a better way”-feeling of changing sheets, doing the dishes or some other mundane task in our daily life. And most have even used the frustration to dream that we invented a great solution for the task – the next ice cube bag.

But when we get the same feeling in our jobs, the creative flow often seems to get choked by a multitude of factors; We’re too busy, our colleagues doesn’t seem to have this issue or it’s just way too complicated or bureaucratic to execute the idea.

That’s a shame. If you have a job, you will most likely have some special knowledge that not so many other people have. This means that the issue or even solution you have identified might be worth a whole lot more to yourself and your colleagues in the industry, than you think.

Daily life-inventing is too hard

The best engine for an invention is identifying a real problem. But while the magnitude and potential earnings from a genius solution to everyday-problems might make the attempt more tempting, it’s also way harder to come up with those simple, universal solutions.

Think about it: We’ve been making everyday life better for thousands of years – which means a lot of simple, cool inventions have already been made for the most universal problems, and you’re competing with millions and millions of people who’re just as good at universal, daily tasks as you.

For that reason those everyday inventions easily tries to solve a problems that’s not really there, too gadgety or even downright unnecessary.

While it's surely super convenient, cutting a banana isn't exactly a universal issues, is it?

Focus on problems you know better than most

So why not ditch the universal approach and go for industry-specific solutions. It doesn’t matter what your job is - we believe you will know some part of the industry better than most, and that gives you the upper hand when it comes to identifying problems and solutions.

For that reason we always listen carefully, when good people from different industries tell us about their issues. This approach has actually had a tremendous effect on the way Upclimber got started and the way it turned into a whole system – because people on building sites identified real problems that our system could solve.

Instead of telling your colleagues how bad some solution is - share your ideas on how it could be done better. In the worst case you’ll find that the solution you already have might be the best one available. Best case: You’ll make everyone's worklife better - and a fortune in royalty while doing so.

If you already have that great idea that is just waiting to get executed, feel free to get in touch with us. We are ready to evaluate your idea and take it to the next step, just as we did with Alpallen recently.

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