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We made our first collaboration with a young, talented designer

We know what it's like to start out as an inventor - after all it's not that many years ago, we started out ourselves. And I think that makes us a little more proud to announce our first partnership with a new, young designer: Idunn Isabella Sommer who has designed "Alpallen".

Some months back we got in touch with the young designer Idunn Isabella Sommer, who was working on this cool, multi-functional furniture for kids:

The prototype of Alpallen before it got a "Lolle & Nielsen-makeover". The alpha-version was originally designed by Isabellas grandfather Carl Bloom.

We instantly liked the approach: A simple and sleek but yet sturdy construction with lots of possibilities. But in order to get it to market, she needed a little help to brush of the design so it would comply with regulations and be optimized for production.

You guessed it: We made an agreement where we took care of those things in exchange for a small stake in the product, while Idunn would continue to be the driving force behind the project.

And this is what it looks like today - finished and soon ready to be sold from Idunn's webshop -

A first - but hopefully not last This kind of partnership, where we help a young, talented designer get their product to market, is a first for us.

It's been amazing to work with Idunn on a great product we wouldn't have come up with ourselves - in a space that's related but not directly in our own core-market.

The project is still so new, that we don't know how far Alpallen will go. But we now we absolutely want to get in touch with more talents in the future, who just needs a little push from us before venturing on into the world with their great product.

So don't hesitate to get in touch, if you know the next candidate who fits that description!

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