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5 highlights before the summer

A lot of things has happened in 2017, so here's a little looking back before the holidays.

Summer and its mix of sunny days and heavy rain has arrived here in Denmark, and we hope you'll all have an amazing time in the sun (or in the snow, for you guys on the southern hemisphere). Before the holidays really kick in, we would like to take a quick look at 5 of our highlights from the first six months of this year:


In the beginning of the year we decided to make a Scrum-series, where we tould about our take on scrum - which isn't exactly text book, but has been tweaked for our needs. It made us a take another look of our processes, but the best part was your response! We got mails and comments describing how you could use and implements parts of what we've done, and that really motivates us to do more content like that:

Read it here:

2) Slope System was revealed

In March we revealed a product we've been working on for a while: The slope system.

The system solves an ancient roofer-problem: They have to cover heavy rolls of tar paper up and down the roof by hand.

Read it here:

3) Patents are trending

In April we spend a few days talking with governments bodies and digging into recent patent trends, and the research showed that patenting is growing. We decided to share our finding on the blog, and once again it was really rewarding to get your feedback - some of you could use it in your own work and others had addition data.

Read it here:

4) The company ferry!

As a company in a city full of canals - with an office located a few hundred meters from a harbour - we've wanted our own boat for years. And with a little help from a 7-year old it finally happened this year - and even got turned into a product with is sold online:

Read it here:

5) The CE mark

2017 also became the year, where we started self-certifying the CE mark for our products. Which turned our to be a very useful process:

Read it here:

Have a great summer - and keep commenting

We try to make a mix of news, guides, learning and data on the blog, but what it really comes down to is whether you guys like it or not.

So please keep commenting on our channels - and feel free to send us a mail, if you have any questions or ideas for posts we should write.

We'll be back on the blog in a months time. Until then: Have an amazing summer!

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