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Ready for Klondike #1 on Wednesday?

We are inviting all friends of Lolle & Nielsen Inventions for a creative invent on Wednesday!

The program has been finished by our author-colleagues, and we are really excited for our first co-created event here in Sydhavnen!

There is a lot of creativeness pending for you guys - from spoken works and music to poems and of course inventions.

A kickass soundsystem has been rented, the food is prepared and we're looking forward to see you for a creative blast this Wednesday from 18.00!


Sonja LaBianca

Majse Aymo-Boot

Nanna Storr-Hansen

Sigurd Buch Kristensen

Anne Mette Schultz

Christian Schmidt-Rasmussen

Gisa Pantel

The Lake

Mikkel Meyer

DJ René Jean Jensen

#Klondike1 #event

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