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7-year old helped us build a ferry!

For a long time we've wanted our very own company boat. But it took a 7-year olds eagerness to invent to get the project kickstarted

As a business doing inventions we have an underworld of more crazy ideas simmering between the day-to-day tasks. Our new Timberferry - a wooden raft with the look of a real boat - was one of those.

For a long time we wanted to get our own company boat, we could use to hang out in the canals in Copenhagen during the summer - and of course we wanted to build it ourselves.

The idea was dwelling in our idea box and the little time we got during the quieter months in winter wasn't enough to get the project flying. That was until my 7-year old daughter got involved in the project.

Unexpected driving force

When my 7-year old daughter got hold of the idea for a boat we where working on, it turned into a father-daughter-project after work.

She insisted that she had to learn how to draw in CAD-programs and wanted to know the inventing-process. "Shouldn't we work on the boat tonight?," was a common question when I got home from work - and she actually became the driving force behind the project.

In February the drawings were done, and we made a partnership with the local guy Max, who started building the raft.

Max had some experience building rafts, and we made a partnership where he's building our design.

Ready for the water

After a few months of designing - both at the office and at home - and building, the boat is ready, and during the process it grew into the Timberferry.

The first test sailings have been done, and it lives up to all of the proud dads expectation for a lunchboat meant for hanging out in the canals.

If you want your very own company ferry, you can get it at

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