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Presentation: Slope System - A niche tool for roofers

With Slope System we've solved a fixed problem in a niche market by focusing on safety, ergonomics and durability

For decades roofers have been carrying rolls with 40 kg of tar paper up and down roofs on a ladder - a strenuous and relatively hazardous job. This issue is what our new tool Slope System is solving.

When we began developing the system in collaboration with multiple stakeholders two years ago, the problem had been known for a very long time, but without an obvious way, tool or system to solve it.

How it works

The purpose of the project was to make the roofing job less heavy, more safe and improve ergonomics as well.

We've achieved that with the two main-modules in the system:

1) A flexible rail-system for the roof ridge, with a hoist that makes it easy to get the tar paper up and down the roof.

2) A modular ladder with broad steps, that makes it easier to move around on the roof and do the job in a more ergonomically responsible way:

The development has been going on for two years, and has included several iterations, workshops and prototypes to get the best possible product:

Solving a fixed problem for a niche market like this makes us even more proud of the result - and on a slightly more political note, the system wouldn't have been possible without a grant from "Fonden for Forebyggelse og Fastholdelse", that has now been closed.

If you want to see it in action, this presentation video has been made by one of our partners (in Danish):

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