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News: New commercial partner for Upclimber

After two years of development Upclimber is almost ready for launch - and we're proud to announce our commercial partner for the Danish market: Danilift.

Working with Danilift is a first, but with almost 20 years of experience in sale, distribution and service of liftproducts, Danilift is the perfect match for Upclimber.

Danilift is known for making a difference on the building site with their wide range of lift- and mountingproducts, and Upclimber will be included in their product portfolio during the spring next year.

We feel confident that Danilift will contribute in further development of the Upclimber-system, and together we are prepared to make mounting windows easier, faster and more ergonomically responsible.

More info about Upclimber and our partners can be found here:

The Upclimber-system:


Danilift - sales, distribution and service:

Invactor - manufacturing:

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