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10th-Year Anniversary: Dreaming of Inventions

A dream of making a living by inventing cool products led to the birth of Lolle & Nielsen Inventions 10 years ago.

Let us take you back to October 1st 2010. Andreas and Steffen sat in a small apartment in the Nordvest-quarter of Copenhagen, and signed the document which joined their last names into "Lolle & Nielsen Inventions" - and started their dream of making inventing their livelihood.

The documents were signed and a website was made to tell the world it was real. But still, only very few believed that inventing was a viable business plan.

During the following 10 years, 2 entrepreneurs + 1 product has turned into a still-growing inventing powerhouse driven by an amazingly strong team.

Steady growth

Nothing is ever certain in business - especially not those days - but after 10 years we feel confident enough to say that the dream of cool and clever inventions can be a viable business plan.

The growth has by no means or metrics been exponential. Instead, Lolle & Nielsen has grown slowly and steady - both in terms of turnover, equity, employees, project and number of inventions.

The licensing deals from our inventions still make up a still larger part of the company, which reinforced the steady growth - just like we like it.

Come celebrate with us

We are super proud of what Lolle & Nielsen has become over the past decade. Our dreams are still becoming truth and we wanted to celebrate that it in a big way.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 has cancelled the plans for now, but we hope we're able to invite friends, partners and colleagues for a celebration in the spring 🤞

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