Small versions of our ideas is a great way to choose the right concept

In the process from idea to product, we often spend hours building scale models. At first glance it might seem a bit silly and Lego-ish, but there's method in the madness.

The small models give us a s...

With Slope System we've solved a fixed problem in a niche market by focusing on safety, ergonomics and durability

For decades roofers have been carrying rolls with 40 kg of tar paper up and down roofs on a ladder - a strenuous and relatively hazardous job. This issue is...

After years of tweaking Scrum for our processes, here's our thought on what Scrum does to the products we develop

We've been talking about why we wanted another framework than Waterfall and ended up with Scrum, and we've giving some insights on how we've tweaked Scrum f...

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What self-certificating the CE mark taught us

June 20, 2017

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