February 14, 2019

Five years ago, we made a huge effort to implement our own version of the Scrum methodology in Lolle & Nielsen Inventions. Today Scrum boards and backlogs aren’t a part of the office lingo anymore. But recently we realized just how integrated the methods have become wi...

After years of tweaking Scrum for our processes, here's our thought on what Scrum does to the products we develop

We've been talking about why we wanted another framework than Waterfall and ended up with Scrum, and we've giving some insights on how we've tweaked Scrum f...

Scrum was originally made for software developers, but with a little tweaking it can be very useful for product development as well. In this post we will share some practical insights on how we've tweaked and implemented Scrum to our hardware processes

Before we ge...

Scrum is mostly associated with software development, but in the search of a more agile methodology we stole the design process from software developers, and tweaked it for physical inventing. Here is why we wanted a new method and why we went with Scrum.

When we founde...

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June 20, 2017

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