Last year we started developing products for a new industry – ergonomic solutions for the office – and that has made us rediscover just how important it is to know your industry

Ever since we started inventing in 2010, we've been focusing on equipment and tools for the...

In the early years of our inventing-career we made a Jib Crane for building sites, that was supposed to improve the working environment around concrete casting. But the crane never got to market, as we had to call the project off after making a prototype. Here's our le...

As of 30th November we are officially a Gazelle-company - a nomination the newspaper Børsen annually gives companies that have had continuous growth during a four year period and doubled turnover in that timeframe.

With a growth of 243,2% we're among the best third of t...

November 24, 2016

Smash hit inventions that solve a simple problem for millions of people might supply the inventor with sufficient royalty-funds for a lifetime. But those smashhits are rare. Jackpot-rare. Instead of hoping for a smashhit we've made inventing physical products a growth...

Lolle & Nielsen Inventions owns a lot of products, projects and patents, but after inventing the Upclimber-system, we decided to give the system it's own company. This is our thoughts on why.

11th May 2016 was the day, we created the first company within Lolle & Ni...

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What self-certificating the CE mark taught us

June 20, 2017

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