We’ve just received our first investment from a private investor, who wanted to help us take the IoT-locks and Ambitlocker-concept to market.

Our latest product, Ambitlocker, was introduced at the beginning of October, and as mentioned in the introduction, Ambitlocker i...

We spend a lot of time wondering how we make our products the best it can be – and how we actually asses what “good” is.

As inventors, we’re often wondering what makes a good concept, and when in the process it’s really shaped. At what time are we really creating the v...

We’re currently preparing the proof-of-concept version of our newest product, which is going to make locker management much easier.

Ambitlocker is the newest kid on our block: A digital and internet-connected IoT-padlock that allows changing and assigning codes when the...

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What self-certificating the CE mark taught us

June 20, 2017

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