How spending time and resources on a student case provided us with some really valuable research.

Last year we were deep into the development of a new project with one of our partners on a brand new (and still secret) project.

Thanks to our great partner's knowledge on t...

January 17, 2019

Danish company Zostera has found ways to utilize eelgrass as a sustainable alternative to traditional materials. We’re helping them develop a new harvesting method in order to make the price competitive.

It turns out that eelgrass – which formal name is Zostera - is a p...

This year is going to be even more about licensing and partnership. Both are crucial to us as inventors, and cultivating and refining the collaborations are going to be a growth driver for us this year.

2018 ended with our partners at Posturite launching Opløft, and Sm...

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What self-certificating the CE mark taught us

June 20, 2017

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