Skylab Ignite delivered more than just inspiration

When we visited the pitch-competition Skylab Ignite at DTU, we got a really nice surprise. We attend a bunch of different conferences and events, and the possibility of getting inspired is always on the top of our agenda. This was also the case when we visited the Skylab Ignite-event last week to hear ideas from 10 bright teams at DTU. But when the verdict came - after all it was a competition - we got a nice surprise: Our student employee Nicklas Bilde was engagedet in the startup who won the competition and the 40.000 cash prize that came with it: The project that won is called 'ServedOnSalt', and they have made an invention that helps women in developing countries and refugee camps get ac

How two products developed the same way turned out very differently

While the process and even the products are similar, there are some important differences in the way Opløft and Flip are born – and what they are supposed to be in the end. When one project takes the other, it is easy to forget what you’ve been through and reflect on the findings and learning you did during the process. We recently rediscovered this, when we updated our website with two graphics showing the development of Opløft and the Flip-bench. The two projects both followed the same 7-step development process and ended up as some kind of furniture. A process pretty much all of our products go through. Nevertheless, the two project are very different in both the way they were born and th

Meet our Partner: Mylocker

Ambitlocker wouldn't have been possible without our partner Mylocker. In this post, you can learn more about the company, how we became partners and why. We rarely speak about a new product or project without mentioning some amazing partner we’re working with. And for a good reason: Partnerships are a central part of getting our solutions to market and a central part of our business model. In every good partnership, we need to complement each other in what we do – cover each other’s strengths and weaknesses. And over the years we’ve learned, that the right partner can make or break a project. For that reason, we have decided to dedicate this new series to our partners, so you have a chance t

Meet our newest team-member: The ping-pong Robot!

While company culture isn’t just about bean bag chairs and foosball-tables – it certainly helps. As a young company employing young people, we take pride in an informal vibe at the office where everybody feels like an important part of the team. Today, it feels like this is becoming the new normal. New generations – including us – prefer working someplace they find meaningful and where they can make a difference instead of being a small part of a huge, corporate conglomerates. While gadgets like beanbag chairs and football-tables doesn’t ensure this new company vibe by itself, it certainly helps! Just take a look at our newest team member: Our very own ping-pong robot!

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