Ambitlocker got an investor - and a trick for your project to get private investment too

We’ve just received our first investment from a private investor, who wanted to help us take the IoT-locks and Ambitlocker-concept to market. Our latest product, Ambitlocker, was introduced at the beginning of October, and as mentioned in the introduction, Ambitlocker is run as a separate startup alongside our partners. (If you haven't read the introduction to Ambitlocker, you can find it right here.) This new constellation has paved the way for a first for us: Ambitlocker has just received an investment from a private investor! While we can’t disclose the amount, we can tell you that it’s sufficient to fuel the rest of the development and produce the first 1.000 IoT-locks. Furthermore, we w

What is a good concept, when is it shaped - and who is to judge?

We spend a lot of time wondering how we make our products the best it can be – and how we actually asses what “good” is. As inventors, we’re often wondering what makes a good concept, and when in the process it’s really shaped. At what time are we really creating the value for the project? So far, we’ve come to the conclusion, that the most valuable part of the process is in the initial concept creation: If a project is founded on a bad concept, it will never be successful. But this just raises two new questions: How do you create the best circumstances to create a great concept, and how to you decide, if the concept you’ve developed, is the best it can possibly be? Circumstances: Create as

Meet Ambitlocker: The internet-connected padlock

We’re currently preparing the proof-of-concept version of our newest product, which is going to make locker management much easier. Ambitlocker is the newest kid on our block: A digital and internet-connected IoT-padlock that allows changing and assigning codes when the need arises. The product has been developed as its own startup alongside our partners, and we happy to be able to tell you more about Ambitlocker as it is now being prepared for the final proof-of-concept test, where the product and its underlying system will be tested in large scale before hitting the market. Lightening the burden of locker management The concept of lockers – your own little space to store your valuables in

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