Flip: Meet CBS’s new signature furniture

Flip is a new, flexible bench that doubles as a table and creates an informal space for the students at Copenhagen Business School. Copenhagen Business School has gradually gotten their new signature furniture installed during the past few months. A unique bench that doubles as a table thanks to its flexible design which gives the students an informal space for short breaks and conversations in a convenient and very space-efficient way. We started developing the concept and design for CBS at the end of last year alongside Rønnow Arkitekterne. After maturing the bench and making it ready for production it’s now getting installed and multiple CBS locations. Becoming the signature Copenhagen Bu

Smart//Mover has found a new home

The Danish company ‘Baron’ has bought our very first invention, Smart//Mover, which gives the product an even bigger platform to succeed from. Nearly a decade ago Lolle & Nielsen Inventions was founded around our very first invention: The battery-powered hand truck Smart//Mover. It was developed alongside our partner on the Island on Mors, and it has been a pleasure to see our product grow over the years reaching the milestone of the 1000th Smart//Mover being sold last year. Also read: SmartMover #1000 has just been delivered Smart//Mover has undeniably been a success, and today it helps workers all over Denmark work in a safer, healthier and more efficient way. And now it’s time for Smart//

Embracing "Vuja De" to see things anew

Taking some time away from a project is a valuable way to be able to experience it for the first time - even though you've already seen it a thousand times. Say hello to the concept "Vuja De". We all know the concept "deja vu". The feeling of having been in this exact situation before - regardless of it's true or not. We all know the concept "deja vu". The feeling of having been in this exact situation before - regardless of it's true or not. And with this corny attempt to simulate deja vu in the intro, I would like to introduce you to the concept's twin: "Vuja de". The idea behind "Vuja de" is that you enter a situation you've been in many times before, but feel like you have never been the

Opløft wins the ErgoExpe Attendees' Choice Award

Attendees' at ErgoExpo - the largest convention of its kind in the world - awarded Opløft their Choice Award for "best opportunity to increase productivity and profitability, while improving workplace health and safety". The most comprehensive ergonomics events in the world - both largest and longest running - just took place in Las Vegas. And the attendees' of ErgoExpo, as the event is called, liked our sit-stand desk 'Opløft' so much, that it was awarded the 'Attendees Choice Award". Commenting on the win, Posturite CEO Ian Fletcher-Price said: "Winning this award has been the icing on the cake after two years of hard work creating a product that successfully fills a crucial gap in the mar

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