Pull the plug and let incubation do its magic

Summer holidays are approaching. Take the opportunity to pull the plug while your ideas are incubating in the back. In idea- and concept generation it’s commonly acknowledged, that ideas need to incubate in order to mature. You start off with hunches of something that might turn into an idea or concept. But the hunch needs to mature in the back of your head in order to connect with other hunches, transform itself and eventually turn into more solid hunched. I’m sure you’ve faced some problem at some point that wouldn’t let you solve it – until you took a bike ride or stood in the shower. The obvious solution suddenly presented itself. It’s interesting to make incubation work for your ideas i

A Visit From the Local Newspaper: "The Future is Born on Bådehavnsgade"

Recently the journalist Benedicte visited our headquarter on Bådehavnsgade, and today our picture was on the frontpage of the local newspaper. Under the headline "The Future is Born on Bådehavnsgade" her article tells about "Opløft", the shinny animals, our obsessiveness about working environment and why patents are so important to our business model. It was a pleasure having a journalist drop by to see our place and allowing us to tell and show our local community what we do on Bådehavnsgade. If you want to read the full piece it's online right here (In Danish).

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