The first product with Logik & Co: Inventions are also allowed to be simple

'Dust-tube' is the first product we’ve co-developed with Logik & Co. to improve the working environment on their building sites. It’s admittedly simple, but that has also made it super-fast to develop and implement. While some concepts take years to develop, refine and implement, others are so simple that they can almost be done from one day to the other. An example on the latter is just what we’ve done in our first product made in cooperation with Logik & Co. The product pretty much a very big plastic bag to put on the outside of the pipe for garbage on scaffoldings. And the simplicity has made it fast to develop, while it still efficiently keeps dust from escaping the pipe – resulting in a

Opløft is on sale: Save 20% during "National Walking Month"

Our partners at Posturite have made an amazing new campaign for Opløft: New pictures, fresh videos - and a 20% discount on Opløft in May. In parallel with all the early stage project we're working on, it's amazing to be reminded that good things are happening to the product we have already released onto the market - all thanks to our amazing partners. To our surprise, we recently discovered how Posturite is promoting 'Opløft' because of "National Walking Month" - and even offering a 20% discount during May. Opløft is both features in Posturites newsletter and on their campaign-site (where it's also specified how you get the 20% off). At the same time, they have shot a series of new awesome p

We’re putting our ears to the ground in Jutland for the members of Kooporationen

Really listening to what the market needs is one of the core skills in our initial development. We’ve said it over and over again: When we invent new products and tools we take pride in working alongside skilled partners and stakeholder on the market to make sure the solution is the right one. This week we walked the talk by spending a few days in Jutland visiting a handful of building sites to gain new inspiration and insights. The roadtrip is part of a grand new development project we're working on alongside "Kooperationen" and their company-members - and during the first few days we visited Hustømrerne, Jorton, TBS and RB1940 Boligservice. Right now, our main focus is on the building indu

'Cooperative': A new business strategy?

The flat and democratic soul of cooperative businesses has caught our attention. But what can it do for a business like ours? The cooperative movement has deep roots in the Danish traditions – e.g. farmers forming a cooperative around dairies, mills and butcheries. Many of those cooperatives still stand strong today, and it even seems like cooperative businesses are about to get a renaissance in the modern, digital era. At least some modern cooperatives have caught our attention. Some of our great partner like Logik & Co. is already leading the way. The question is, what the cooperative structure could do for a modern inventing-house like ours. So, what is a cooperative? The idea behind a c

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