Our inventions-story told on 130 local radios i Denmark on our very first podcast

For the first time, we have been invited to be a part of a podcast - more specifically the Danish podcast "Under Hjelmene", which is broadcasted to more than 130 local radios in Denmark. Technical tools can be crucial to a healthy working environment but they have to be done right in order to be adapted and used by the workers. The podcast "Under Hjelmene" has taken a closer look at how tools are done successfully - and we are a part of the show. The show is taking a closer look at how technical tools for the building industry is born. And more importantly: How the development should be done alongside appropriate stakeholders in order to make its market adaptation successful. Without spoilin

Inventing is a long-term business – but for us, it’s starting to pay off

Great, problem-solving inventions was the dream that sparked it all. A long-term strategy has successfully turned licensing and royalties into a bigger part of our business, which gives us momentum to develop even more inventions. When we started Lolle & Nielsen Invention as two young engineers almost a decade ago, the end goal was clear. We wanted to be inventors and make a living solving problems in the real world. While this mission might sound temptingly simple, it is a long-term commitment in the real world. Hardware takes years of hard work – and a lot of money - to develop, and with licensing agreements it can easily take a few more years for an invention to become profitable. The goo

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