Building sustainably is getting on the agenda

Talking about the future with a group of peers at Logik & Co. last week really revealed just how much the building industry is about to buy into the sustainable agenda. New technologies are going to hit every part of the value chain in the building industry – and it’s already happening. All the way from the individual builder who is getting access to new and smarter tools to the contractor who is able to get a 3D-scan of the building process. But when we were meeting some of our peers to talk about the future at a gathering our friends from Logik & Co. hosted, the talk really circuited the sustainable agenda and how the building industry can help reduce CO2 emissions. And this isn’t just int

Our Conhoist got funding

After years of development, we’ve secured funding for the last real-world test of Conhoist to document its effect on the working environment and sustainability. Conhoist is a battery powered gantry crane system which fits any scaffolding. This makes it easy to lift loads up to 1000 kg in any direction under roofed scaffolding. The automated features make working processes and times more efficient and safe for the workers. And now we’ve secured the funding for the last test of the system to document the effects. Funding for full-size testing The development of the beta-prototype of Conhoist Monorail has been underway for two years, and now we’re ready for the first full-size real-world testin

Are the robots coming?

What is the future of building going to look like? We’re discussing that alongside the director of HD Lab and Logik & Co. next week – and you’re welcome to join us! Robots and an increase in digitalization and automation are on the horizon. At first glance, it might look frightening, but in what ways will it actually affect the building industry? Which solutions are coming? When is the streamlining kicking in? And what can we do today to prepare ourselves for the development? We’re going to dive into what the future has in store for us alongside Rolf Büchmann-Slorup, CEO in HD Lab, in Logik & Co.’w forum for builders. And you’re very welcome to join us: https://www.facebook.com/events/261349

Forget technology and focus on the solution

As an inventing company who creates concepts and technical solutions for a number of industries – we never focus on the technology. When the magical concept has been found the technical challenges is on challenges – and if we can’t solve them in-house we greate partnerships. We have a problem and we need an IoT device to solve it. A customer's initial idea might sound something like that, but we always try to go a step further. Otherwise, the technology is at risk of getting in the way of the right solution. As inventors our finest task is to throw ourselves at a problem, find the technical challenges and come up with a strong concept that solves the problem. And in that process technology i

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