How we did our first, professional photoshoot

For the first time, we have been the producer behind the marketing material for one of our new product. We’re getting close to the end of the process with a brand-new product we’re working on alongside a huge, international producer. So close, that we recently did the photoshoot for the product. We have done photo shoots of our product many times before, but the most ambitious ones have been for our Kickstarter campaign, where we made everything from scripting to filming to modelling ourselves. This time, was way more ambitious: It was the first time we were tasked to make the visual material that the producer is going to use for branding and marketing in the end. All done in one day In the

We’re back teaching "Product Analysis and Redesign" on DTU

After leaving the teaching role in order to dedicate ourselves to starting up Lolle & Nielsen Inventions, we are now back as teachers on the course “Product Analyses and Redesign” on DTU – Technical University of Denmark. We were teaching “Product analysis and redesign” on DTU a few years ago. But in order to focus exclusively on Lolle & Nielsen Inventions in the startup phase, we decided to drop the commitment. Now, when the company has matured, we’re super happy to be back as teachers on the course. And this time with a lot more experience in the backpack. The course is basically 60 talented students learning about design processes and being creative in a systematic manner in order to gene

How Scrum became an integrated part of the process – without us noticing it

Five years ago, we made a huge effort to implement our own version of the Scrum methodology in Lolle & Nielsen Inventions. Today Scrum boards and backlogs aren’t a part of the office lingo anymore. But recently we realized just how integrated the methods have become without us even noticing it. The Scrum methodology was initially celebrated as a new kind of framework for developing software in a fast and agile way. But five years ago, we spend a lot of time tweaking the methods for what we do and implemented it in a big way: The lingo was mandatory, scrum-boards was installed on the walls and daily scrum-meeting was a reality. (If you didn’t read our 3-part series on Scrum from 2017 you can

Don’t make a prototype as a series. Just don’t

A series of prototypes is a really good idea. But a prototype as a series isn’t. When you discover an error on one of the products you must fix it across the whole series. We recently spend a day wearing a boiler suit and an aviator hat to withstand the new-fallen snow in Egedal. Why, you ask? Because the LED lights on the magnificent lighting animals we made in cooperation with Egedal Municipality was failing in the wet, cold condition and had to be replaced. And if nothing else this was a chilling reminder why you shouldn’t produce prototypes as a series: When one of the prototypes has an error, you will most likely have to fix it across the whole series – in this case 9 lighting animals c

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