The win-win of working with a student team from Student & Innovation House

How spending time and resources on a student case provided us with some really valuable research. Last year we were deep into the development of a new project with one of our partners on a brand new (and still secret) project. Thanks to our great partner's knowledge on the field, we already knew that the project had great potential for the Danish market at this stage of the process. At the same time, the expectations for it international performance was solid, but we also acknowledged, that we lacked the international market analysis, and would have a hard time making an accurate one ourselves. For that reason, it was heaven-sent, when Student & Innovation House asked us if we had a case to

A new harvesting method for the green material alternative: Eelgrass

Danish company Zostera has found ways to utilize eelgrass as a sustainable alternative to traditional materials. We’re helping them develop a new harvesting method in order to make the price competitive. It turns out that eelgrass – which formal name is Zostera - is a phenomenal replacement for a lot of the traditional material that is being used in the building industry. And the huge upside is that it’s more sustainable. The Danish company Zostera has developed some alternative materials for the industry that is environmentally friendly to produce and competitive in terms of quality. While a greener building industry is in everyone’s best interest Zostera, the company, still have one obstac

The right partnership is key to growth for both parties

This year is going to be even more about licensing and partnership. Both are crucial to us as inventors, and cultivating and refining the collaborations are going to be a growth driver for us this year. 2018 ended with our partners at Posturite launching Opløft, and SmartMover K/S selling the 1000th Smart//Mover. It’s becoming a well-covered topic on this blog. But looking into 2019, we have to bring it forth once more: Partnerships. Licensing and partnerships are a still more integral part of Lolle & Nielsen Inventions, and that isn’t going to change this year. Not more, but stronger partnerships This doesn’t however necessarily mean, that we are going to announce a bunch of new partners th

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