Shaping engineers of the future with Aalborg University

As a company constantly looking for talent, we’re helping Aalborg University shape their engineering education for the job market of the future. One of our neighbors in Sydhavnen is the Copenhagen Campus of Aalborg University. And we are helping them shape the education for “Sustainable Design” in a panel filled with other companies looking for that kind of talent in the future. The panel is a mix of representatives from the private and public sector – from a broad spectrum of industries – who’re contributing with ideas for the content of the program as well as the specific classes. The whole idea of the effort is to make sure the education prepares the student with the skills they will actu

Opløft featured in The Times: “How I boosted my brain at a sit‑stand work desk”

”Those who mock standing desks may want to reconsider. New research has found that working standing up makes you smarter” Today The Times-writer Harry Wallop finds some of the surprising benefits sit-stand desks offer. The article references a report by University College London which found their test group improved language-based problem skills by 64 percent, concentrated 10 percent faster and made 45 percent fewer mistakes – simply by using a sit-stand desk. And Opløft in features in both text and the picture! The full article can be found here (behind a paywall, sorry). #Opløft

Opløft is ready!

Our work surface that transforms any table into a height-adjustable desk has been launched and is ready to take over the world. Today our partners at Posturite has made the big launch of one of our brain children: Opløft. The sleek work surface made from aluminum and compact laminate that transforms any desk into a height adjustable desk. From mockup to a production ready, certified product; the birth has been though, but the end result has exceeded all of our expectation! The first backer from our Kickstarter has received his Opløft and soon Posturites extensive distribution network will bring Opløfts to markets all over the world. Read more and order Opløft on Posturites website here. We c

Expand: New add-on for Upclimber

With the continuous development of new tools, we strive to keep supporting new use cases for Upclimber.​ From the get-go our compact lifting hoist for window mounting "Upclimber" has been designed as the core of a flexible and modular system. We have already put a few add-ons for Upclimber on the market, and now we're ready to introduce a new one: "Expand". Expand is a mobile expansion pole that allows one man to mount windows up to 130 kg from the inside of a building. The pole is suspended between floor and ceiling and a arm that rotates 360 degrees makes Upclimber fast and easy to use for window mounting from the inside as well as outside. Expand solved a need at one of the construction c

Learning through partnerships: How we are going IOT

Great partnership are a essential way to move the company forward. This time into the realm of IOT. The project we're about to tell you about is still secret. We actually can't reveal a lot of specifics about it. But it's nevertheless interesting for Lolle & Nielsen Inventions because it marks the venture into a new realm: Internet of Things, Software and Electronics. It started out like so many others: Trying to solve a real problem with a new concept. But while the design part is right down our alley - we drove the project all the way to mockup-stage - we needed a partner for the prototype. And with a strong, international partner with experience in embedded software and electronics, this

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