Bådehavnsgade: The magic of our hood - Come join us

Bådehavnsgade gives us something we can´t find anywhere else and there is an obvious reason why our summer event is called Klondike. We run our company from Bådehavnsgade in Sydhavnen. In a closed diary smack down in one of the older parts of the neighborhood. Surrounded by makeshift allotment huts and the charming fishing harbor. As an inventing company who makes relatively advanced products, this might sound rather dodgy. But after a few years on the address, it´s safe to say: We get so much from the surrounding that we couldn't imagine being anywhere else. Entrepreneurial environment The old and closed diary containing our office and workshop was turned into a co-working space a few years

Our animals exhibited in Malmö and Blox

After the successful implementation on the smart bike path our glowing animals are getting noticed outside Egedal Minicipality. The smart bike path we have developed in corporation with Egedal Municipality to make the bike ride more fun and safe is now fully implemented in Egedal. But the glowing animals are also getting noticed outside Egedal. On 14.-23. September our Tiger will be showcased in Malmö, when the light event and international conference “Metropolis: by Light” is taking place. And the new center for architecture and design in Copenhagen – Blox – have also noticed us and exhibited our chameleon. And rest assured no Egedalian Kids were harmed by this as the two animals are not re

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