Where can the technology from our smart bike path be applied?

After finalizing the smart bike path in Egedal, we’re now looking for new ventures for the technology. The glowing animals beside the super bike path in Egedal Municipality might seem gimmicky, but by making a more fun and engaging biking experience for kids, the project aims to encourage both use and security. However, animals responding to kids cycling by is just one way to use the technology to heighten engagement. And now we’re looking for new ways to apply the system in new ventures. 3 essential modifiers The system can basically be modified in three main areas: - Geometry. It doesn’t need to be animals in 2d. The engaging geometry can be formed and shaped in all kinds of ways; 2d or 3

Socially responsible Logik & Co. partnered with us for working environment

The award-winning construction company Logik & Co. is well known for its social and environmental responsibility. In a new partnership we hope to bring their working environment to the same exceptional level. The 50 employees at the construction company Logik & Co. is not your average crew. Instead of a bunch of strong, white men, they have a diverse background that can sometimes be hard to unite with a job in the building industry. The company hires people other companies won’t, and it has turned out to be an incredible business model. At the same time their environmental responsibility is just as ambitious as their social profile. For 30 years they’ve been building and renovating environme

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