Why a new welding system is a significant upgrade to our company

Adding welding stations capabilities might not sound that exciting, but every little upgrade to our prototyping might speed up the process by weeks in the end. We just finished our welding station, which means we're now able to weld steel, stainless steel and aluminum. This might not seem like a big deal, but as a company where prototypes are our bread and butter it actually means a lot: We’re constantly inventing new product, so we need to be able to turn 3D-drawing into real mockups and prototypes fast. First of all the new welding system enables us to make much more complex prototypes thank to the new materials. But it also means we’re less dependent on subcontractors and their production

Our ‘smart’ bike path will nudge safety

As engineers in one of the greatest cycle nations in the world, most of us get to the Lolle & Nielsen-headquarters by bike. So our newest project, where we’re designing a smart bike path, almost feels as patriotic as building a bridge. The bike path we’re working on, which runs between the towns of Veksø and Stenløse with the school Lærkeskolen, is already categorized as a “super bike path”. But now we’re going to help make it “smart” as well. The smart part is all about giving the path a new lighting system, which doesn’t just light up during the dark winter, but does it in an interactive way which will - hopefully - make even more pupils from the school use it. Co-developed with kids Today

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