Lolle & Nielsen Inventions: Greatest Hits 2017

It has become that time of the year again: The new year is just around the corner, and if this isn't the perfect time to look back at the year that has passed, we don't know when it is. So let's take a short look at our greatest hits in 2017! 1) Smart/Mover #600 was sold! Our first huge project has been going strong for several years, and it's becoming an integral part of the building industry in Denmark - to a degree where competitors have started to notice it and make their own versions. 2) Another huge project - Conhoist - is on the move. We've been developing the system for a while and now the prototype is up and running for testing in the new year. 3) We co-developed the smart trash bin

Can a room help patients get better?

We're trying to answer this interesting questions, on a new project we're working on for a new hospital in Køge: Can a room help patients get well faster? The new hospital "Sjælland Universitetshospital" is currently being build in Køge, and for a while we've been working on a new exciting project for them; We're trying to design smart furnitures and interior for 800 single bed rooms for patients and their next of kin. Where the project gets super interesting, is the fact that the rooms are supposed to be "teaching single rooms" - rooms that help patient with physical traumas rehabilitate faster. And in order to do so, one of the main features is the possibility for relatives to stay over fo

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