Why we added "Inventions" to our company name

From the beginning in 2010 we were simply called "Lolle & Nielsen", but last year we decided to add our dream to the name: "Inventions". And the reason has to do with both the external and internal perception of the company. Be warned: This post is admittedly a bit navel-gazing, but it actually took us years to add "Inventions" to our name. Here's why. For years our company was simply called "Lolle & Nielsen" - a pretty generic named which meant people had a hard time figuring out what we actually do. Last year - 6 years into our venture - we finally added "Inventions" to the company name. This might seem like an obvious move we should have made way earlier, but external perception isn't eve

Use your professional frustration to invent

Your job has some tools or processes that could be better, right? By using that daily annoyance from sub-par moments to spark your creativity, you could make your own as well as others workday better – and maybe even earn a bit as well. We all know that “there must be a better way”-feeling of changing sheets, doing the dishes or some other mundane task in our daily life. And most have even used the frustration to dream that we invented a great solution for the task – the next ice cube bag. But when we get the same feeling in our jobs, the creative flow often seems to get choked by a multitude of factors; We’re too busy, our colleagues doesn’t seem to have this issue or it’s just way too comp

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