Subcontractors need to be on our team

Constant prototyping means a constant flow of deliveries from subcontractors, and a poor partnership with those subcontractors can hurt the product development. Delivery guys are common guests at our office and they tend to get a pretty good relationship with our team. At least they always ask a question or two when they drop of a set of lasercut planks, a powder coated frame or some other freshly invented gadget. The source of those odd-sized boxes entering our office is almost always our subcontractors. We constantly subcontract parts for our prototypes as we need a broad range of expertise to make sure our ideas are solid, before they go into final production. For that reason we need the

What self-certificating the CE mark taught us

Just the fact that CE marking is connected with the European Union can make it seem like a daunting task to obtain the mark. But with the right help it is very useful to handle the task in-house. Normally we license our inventions before we reach this step in their development, but in the process of bringing Upclimber to market, we ran into a challenge we haven't faced before: CE marking is a mandatory conformity marking for certain products sold within the European Union, but how do we get the CE marking? At first the amount of standards, risk assessments and tests we had to be aware of seemed overwhelming, but when we got our hands dirty it actually turned out to be a very useful process.

A day that combined professionalism and "hygge"

We are constantly working on a lot of different projects, but once in a while we set a day aside where we all meet at the office. Last week we had one of those days, where we shared recent learnings, talked about the future of the company - and just had a good time over some beers in our very own company boat "Timberferry". I won't waste your time explaining why we do it our why you should do the same. See for yourself: #FagligFællesDag #Timberferry #Hygge

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