Ready for Klondike #1 on Wednesday?

We are inviting all friends of Lolle & Nielsen Inventions for a creative invent on Wednesday! The program has been finished by our author-colleagues, and we are really excited for our first co-created event here in Sydhavnen! There is a lot of creativeness pending for you guys - from spoken works and music to poems and of course inventions. A kickass soundsystem has been rented, the food is prepared and we're looking forward to see you for a creative blast this Wednesday from 18.00! Acts: Sonja LaBianca Majse Aymo-Boot Nanna Storr-Hansen Sigurd Buch Kristensen Anne Mette Schultz Christian Schmidt-Rasmussen Gisa Pantel The Lake Mikkel Meyer DJ René Jean Jensen #Klondike1 #event

7-year old helped us build a ferry!

For a long time we've wanted our very own company boat. But it took a 7-year olds eagerness to invent to get the project kickstarted As a business doing inventions we have an underworld of more crazy ideas simmering between the day-to-day tasks. Our new Timberferry - a wooden raft with the look of a real boat - was one of those. For a long time we wanted to get our own company boat, we could use to hang out in the canals in Copenhagen during the summer - and of course we wanted to build it ourselves. The idea was dwelling in our idea box and the little time we got during the quieter months in winter wasn't enough to get the project flying. That was until my 7-year old daughter got involved i

How we find the best engineers for our company

Student assistants has become our pipeline for hiring engineers, and for that reason we're taking the process of hiring students very serious Great engineers are in high demand, and that's true when we're looking for student assistants as well. We've luckily received some great applications every time we've been looking for a new student assistant, and we think it's because we have high expectations for the students - both regarding what they're capable of and what they should learn from their student job. For that reason we've started using a pretty comprehensive recruiting technique: we make them solve a design case in 6 hours. 6 hours case-challenge After receiving some standard applicat

Inventor, know your industry!

Last year we started developing products for a new industry – ergonomic solutions for the office – and that has made us rediscover just how important it is to know your industry Ever since we started inventing in 2010, we've been focusing on equipment and tools for the building industry. The main reason for that decision is, that the experience you get from one project transfers particularly well into the next when you stay in the same industry. One thing is the experience you get in developing products for a certain environment. Another thing is the insights you get in all the circumstances surrounding the product: the value chain, stakeholders and the challenges the industry is facing. In

Klondike: We're hosting a creative event!

We're inviting everyone to "Klondike" - an event where inventions will go hand in hand with music, food, poetry and art Our office is located in the southern part of Copenhagen called Sydhavnen, and we're lucky enough to share the building with a bunch of crazy creative people. Together with some of those we've put together an event called "Klondike", where you'll get music, food, a bar, poetry, art and of course inventions. Bring your creative brains and a friend - for the sake of co-creating and celebrating spring. Klondike is co-hosted with Asmund Havsteen-Mikkelsen, Adam Drewes and Jacob Hoff. Food will be served at 18.00 and the poetry, music and performances start at 20.00. #Kl

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