Failed Project: Jib Crane for concrete casting

In the early years of our inventing-career we made a Jib Crane for building sites, that was supposed to improve the working environment around concrete casting. But the crane never got to market, as we had to call the project off after making a prototype. Here's our learnings from the failed project. In-situ concrete casting on building sites is a exhausting job, so back in 2012 we tried to improve the working environment surrounding that job with a jib crane. The traditional working position is hard on the back. We partnered up with organisation in the industry and contractor in an effort to make a crane, that could handle the vibration-device which removes air from the wet concrete, and fo

The timing of a patent and how to align it with development

The process of getting a patent is both long and expensive - which is a really good reason to make the process work for you rather than against you. Here's our thoughts on how you do just that by aligning the process with your development When applying for a patent there are three essential moments, you should make sure is aligned with the development of the product: 1: Before applying you should make sure, the product you're trying to patent is in sync with your potential customers. Changes after applying is time consuming and expensive. 2: 12 months after applying you know if your patent has been granted or not. It's preferable to start selling in the time-frame between applying and gettin

We dug into recent data: 4 patent trends you should know

We are dependent on patents, which makes us keep an eye on the patent world. Here are four key finding from our most recent research There has recently been some debate about patents on the Danish startup scene - are patents good or bad for innovation? It's no secret that we're pro patents, as we see them as a valuable way to protect our assets. The debate nevertheless made us ask ourselves, if we had overlooked something. We recently spend some time researching the state of patents, and while the arena is nowhere close to black and white (or easy to understand for that matter), we have a few finding, we want to share with you: 1) Patent sharks are not a problem. It seems. Patents are on the

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