We need public high-risk funding to make tools for niche markets

Without a grant from the public foundation "Forebyggelsesfonden", our SmartMover wouldn't have been helping out 400 workers everyday. Now the foundation has closed, and we're super sad to see it go Since our humble beginning in 2010 we've received multiple grants from the public foundation Forebyggelsesfonden to develop some of our tools. The foundation started with 3 billion DKK in 2007, and the goal was to keep workers from tough industries on the labor market and prevent them from being worn down. 400 mio. DKK was left in the foundation in 2016, but then it all of a sudden got closed. We're obviously sad to see the it go, as it was part of our business. But more importantly it allowed us

Without protection of our ideas - no business

Some accuse patents of opposing innovation and entrepreneurship. Others think every startup should remember to apply for patents. We have been getting patents for our inventions ever since we founded the company, and in this post we will explain why. Patents seems to be a subject that's always up for debate. Recently Vice Chairman from Danish Entrepreneurs Association Jonathan Løw stated, that the it-giants "patent regime" is damaging innovation and entrepreneurship, while the IP-advisors at Awapatent was advocating for patents as a way for entrepreneurs to defend themselves against larger companies. While we don't cheer for patent sharks and -trolls, we really depend on patents and design p

Crowdfunding Tips #5: Post-crowdfunding and how not to please your community

A last-minute partnership with Posturite changed our manufacturing process a great deal. We felt confident that everyone would win on the partnership, but the aftermatch of the decision turned out to be a pretty good example on how not to communicate with backers after the campaign. In the last days of our campaign we were steadily approaching the $60.000 goal, while we prepared for production. Then Posturite contacted us with an offer for the rights to commercialize, flew over and signed the deal - and all of a sudden all of our plans had changed. The deal meant we would partner with Posturite and their 25 years of experience, backers would get a better product and we would be able to stick

Low-tech Idea Generation: The Idea Box

Here is a simple tip to improve the idea flow: A wooden box that will store light-bulb moments for later. Before our projects become Research & Development and Intellectual Property it begins with an idea. Getting ideas is an essential part of our job, and in order to prompt the creative flow and help ourselves store and select the best ideas, we present you our glorious Idea Box: It isn't pretty, but that not the important thing. What's important is, that the wooden box is available in our office all the time - the possibility to contribute with a great idea for the next big project is always there. In order to make it even easier, we've made a simple template for the ideas: When the idea s

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