SCRUM #3: Does Scrum improve the products?

After years of tweaking Scrum for our processes, here's our thought on what Scrum does to the products we develop We've been talking about why we wanted another framework than Waterfall and ended up with Scrum, and we've giving some insights on how we've tweaked Scrum for physical inventing and applied it to our everyday processes. But does Scrum actually help us create better products? For the past year we've been working on "Slope System" - a system that makes applying rolls of tar to the roof easier and safer for the roofers. Slope System was made in collaboration with many stakeholders, and to simplify communication and make the initial planning easier it started out as a linear Stage/Ga

Crowdfunding Tips #4: Launch and Keep the Campaign Boiling

After months of preparation the day finally arrived: It was time to push the button and set our Kickstarter-campaign into motion. Prepared with high spirits and chilled beer we gathered at the office, launched the campaign, pushed the message to our network. And then nothing. A big anti climax where we just starred at the screen, hoping for the first pledge. The content for the campaign was ready and we had done our best to build a network around Opløft in the sparse time we had before the launch. The last important consideration: when should we launch the campaign? We decided Wednesday 20. April was a good day, chose to launch in the american afternoon (we thought our main market would be U

SCRUM #2: Our Scrum - Tweaked for Physical Inventions

Scrum was originally made for software developers, but with a little tweaking it can be very useful for product development as well. In this post we will share some practical insights on how we've tweaked and implemented Scrum to our hardware processes Before we get started with the post, you should know, that this is not about how textbook-Scrum works or how it's implemented - quite the opposite, actually. Instead of re-phrasing all the documentation that out there, we would rather show a few examples on how we've modified Scrum for physical inventing. (If you're unfamiliar with Scrum, you might want to start out by watching an explainer like this before reading on - to understand the conte

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