News: New commercial partner for Upclimber

After two years of development Upclimber is almost ready for launch - and we're proud to announce our commercial partner for the Danish market: Danilift. Working with Danilift is a first, but with almost 20 years of experience in sale, distribution and service of liftproducts, Danilift is the perfect match for Upclimber. Danilift is known for making a difference on the building site with their wide range of lift- and mountingproducts, and Upclimber will be included in their product portfolio during the spring next year. We feel confident that Danilift will contribute in further development of the Upclimber-system, and together we are prepared to make mounting windows easier, faster and more

Crowdfunding Tips #3: Networking BEFORE campaign-launch

By building a solid community before launching your campaign, you massively increase your chance of success. We didn't do a very good job at systematizing our own network and create a community - so this is a post about what we would do differently, if we could do it over Two month before our OPLØFT-campaign should launch on Kickstarter our organized network was close to non-existing. OPLØFT was our first consumer product, so apart from a small Lolle & Nielsen Inventions-page on LinkedIn, we had no community on any social media. The few websites we owned didn't have any notable traffic and our mailing list was an improvised one we send sporadic news. The very limited reach combined with a le

SCRUM #1: Scrum and why we are using it for product development

Scrum is mostly associated with software development, but in the search of a more agile methodology we stole the design process from software developers, and tweaked it for physical inventing. Here is why we wanted a new method and why we went with Scrum. When we founded Lolle & Nielsen Inventions back in 2010, we used the Stage/Gate project management methodology - a traditional waterfall method for product development we had learned in school. Stage/Gate and Waterfall are linear frameworks that move forward in stages: Start out by doing research. When the research is done begin conceptualization. When conceptualization is done start embodiment - and so on. Our problem with Waterfall was, t

News: We are a Gazelle!

As of 30th November we are officially a Gazelle-company - a nomination the newspaper Børsen annually gives companies that have had continuous growth during a four year period and doubled turnover in that timeframe. With a growth of 243,2% we're among the best third of this year Gazelles - which we're obviously very proud of! The newspaper Børsen where we are officially annouced as a Gazelle company. This of course doesn't change much during the normal working days, but it proves that the business model we've fine tuned since 2010 is working, and we are approaching steady income from our inventions. The Danish Entrepeneur-magazine "IVÆRKSÆTTEREN" has been so kind to include the news in their

Crowdfunding Tips #2: What should my campaign video look like?

After deciding that Kickstarter was the right path for OPLØFT, we had two months to prepare the content of the campaign. It may sound like a lot, but knowing that you pretty much have one shot to do it right, it isn't. Our main focus was the campaign video, and in this post you'll get our key findings from video production - as well as a cheat sheet you can use to get inspiration for the rest of your campaign content About the series: We knew very little about crowdfunding, when we decided to crowdfund our height-adjustable desk OPLØFT in the beginning of 2016. The experience was intense, but in the end we got the $60.000 we needed to start production. The journey has taught us a great deal

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