The business model of modern inventors

Smash hit inventions that solve a simple problem for millions of people might supply the inventor with sufficient royalty-funds for a lifetime. But those smashhits are rare. Jackpot-rare. Instead of hoping for a smashhit we've made inventing physical products a growth business by tuning our business model for systematical inventing. We all know the stereotypical, eccentric renaissance figure who invents machines for time travel and infinite energy. It's not that we don't love those characters, but tinkering in a garage is pretty far from our systematical approach as a modern inventing company. We've spend the past few years making Lolle & Nielsen Inventions a profitable company that turns id

Crowdfunding Tips #1: Should we crowdfund this?

The office was tense with excitement, when our campaign went online on the 20. April 2016. Huge effort was put into preparing the campaign in the hope of improving the odds for succeeding, but it still felt like a leap of faith: In one months enough people had to find and like OPLØFT so much, that they were willing to put down $350 for it. If we didn't raise the $60.000 we were asking for, OPLØFT wouldn't succeed. About the series: We knew very little about crowdfunding, when we decided to crowdfund our height-adjustable desk OPLØFT in the beginning of 2016. The experience was intense, but in the end we got the $60.000 we needed to start production. The journey has taught us a great deal, a

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