Upclimber - A business within the business

Lolle & Nielsen Inventions owns a lot of products, projects and patents, but after inventing the Upclimber-system, we decided to give the system it's own company. This is our thoughts on why. 11th May 2016 was the day, we created the first company within Lolle & Nielsen Inventions: Upclimber ApS. The new company owns the Upclimber-system - a system that installs windows faster and easier, and at the same time improves the working environment for the workers. The electric Upclimber hoist makes it easier, faster and more ergonomically responsible to install windows. Here it's mounted on a platform. Upclimber had been under development for 18 months, when we decided that the system needed its o

Hustle your way to a physical mockup - and fail fast

Between digital sketching and prototyping a new project we always build a physical mockup to test our concept in the real world. Before we start building the mockup we talk a lot about how many features we can and should cram into it. It doesn't necessarily need to be functionally limited, but it's a tightrope between not spending too much time and money on the mockup while building a mockup that communicates itself to the audience. We believe we recently outdid ourselves in the art of building a mockup, when we should demonstrate a hedge trimmer we're currently working on: Yeah, it's still a diamond in disguise, a roughly made mockup, but we're proud of all its functions. Thanks to 3d print

3 reasons we are hiring students to help us grow

Last week two students entered the doors at our office for the first time - students we have just hired from Technical University of Denmark to help us expand the amount of active project, we can run at the same time. Over the years we've seen how students affect the company in a positive way. That's the reason why our students in general participate in projects on equal terms with our full time engineers - and don't make anymore coffee than everyone else. We have a strong feeling that our new student assistants will succeed in growing the business as well - and here is a few key reason why: 1: Inexperienced but hungry Quite naturally students doesn't have a lot of practical experience in t

Software can't haul bricks

"Atoms are a drag", Jeff Jarvis states in his book "What would google do" - essentially meaning that real world stuff sucks. This might be true in the sense, that physical goods can't be made as fast and in the same scale as digital giants like Google or Facebook took over the world. We hear it over and over: A new software-company makes a grand exit after a few years. But we do live in a physical world, and a lot of its problems can't be solved by software alone. And as a company who invents and makes physical object for a living, we can assure you that the development of atoms doesn't have to be slow and inflexible. OPLØFT - From idea to exit in less than a year Last year we decided to spe

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