How we became inventors

In the first post we promised to keep the egocentric content to a bare minimum. But first things first, so let's introduce ourselves: Today Lolle & Nielsen Inventions is essentially a company who invents stuff. To name a few we've made moving 250 kg bricks easy with our motorized SmartMover. We've made our own workspace more dynamic and healthy with OPLØFT. And we've made installing windows fast with UPCLIMBER. All by getting our team of bright engineers in touch with bright partners of different kinds. We've been working on numorous products and projects since the company was founded in 2010, and today we're a team of six engineers in our office in Copenhagen. But to tell the truth, we didn

Why would we wanna write a blog!?

Hello world, and welcome to the very first blogpost on our very own blog! Before we get the actual thing rolling, I want to take a moment to explain why we want to start blogging. Even thought the beautiful alliteration-heading should be reason enough, there's actually more to it: What? Every time the smallest thing happen in the company we tend to get exited. At the same time we realize, that you might not get as excited about the same company news as we do. For that reason we didn't just make this blog to spam Lolle & Nielsen-news and try to sell you stuff. We want to spend our time writting something meaningfull you will hopefully like to read. The occational news about our company will b

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