Lolle & Nielsen Inventions is a Copenhagen based inventor studio. We develop different kinds of office equipment, a variety of professional tools for the building industry, and electronic IoT devices in various fields. All new inventions! 
We invent and develop products, seek patents, and make licensing agreements and strong alliances
with relevant partners.
We are design- and mechanical engineers, and we develop equipment and tools mainly of mechatronic character.
We include relevant stakeholders, suitable manufacturers, and distributors for each project to make sure that the product will be a success on the market.
We have specialized in rethinking traditional patterns, and we approach each project with an open mindset to accomplish a high degree of originality every time.
We put our engineering skills into action, and new products benefit from the knowledge of previous work. We insist on inventing!

‘Smart’ bike path in Egedal Municipality

The interactive bike path will encourage children to use the path for a more fun ride, and it also nudges safety:

All the pupils will be given a chip to put on their helmets, and the light on the interactive animals only gets activated, if the children are wearing the chip.


Ambitlocker Ulock is a digital and Internet-connected padlock (IoT) that allows changing and assigning codes when the need arises. The end-user is everything from primary school students to hospital staff.

Operate the lock with just four control buttons. The end-user subscribes, and the system sends a code to the lock and the user.


The bench is uniquely designed and developed for Copenhagen Business School, and it offers flexible and informal space for short breaks and conversations.



A slim height-adjustable work surface that turns any regular table into a sit-stand desk.


Opløft is produced and sold by our British partner Posturite.



An intelligent trash can that makes the emptying process more effective and an ashtray for ultra-simple emptying operation



Conhoist is a battery-driven

gantry crane system that fits any scaffolding roof.


Conhoist lifts any load up to

1.000 kg in all three dimensions.




Battery-powered brick-cutterCutting bricks is heavy, manual work that overloads the shoulder and arm when done repetitively. SmartCutter is a simple, battery-driven brick-cutter, that eliminates the stress on the body by the push of a button.

SmartCutter is produced and sold by Smart Cutter ApS.



Battery powered hand truck that has radically improved the working environment for more than 1.200 bricklayers.

SmartMover is produced and sold by Baron.



Modular system that makes roofing less heavy, more safe and improve ergonomics



Battery powered hoist for mounting windows.



We continuously seek new projects and partnerships. Maybe you are…
A manufacture or a distributor that seeks innovation potentials in new markets
A start-up company with a business idea
A public organization with a problem that seeks a technical solution

Every project begins with a vision of improving a work practice and questioning the well-known. As a starting point, we always generate numerous concepts before including stakeholders and end users to ensure that old habits do not inhibit the ideation.


This approach provides a high level of invention and the possibility of filing for a patent.

Lolle & Nielsen Inventions handles everything from the design and product development process to the product matured for production.



Value chain analysis

Process analysis

Mapping activities

Flow analysis

Actor-network analysis

Cost-benefit analysis

Business model, strategy and

Business creation




Agile development - Scrum

Project management & product strategy

Integrated product development

Concept development 

Problem understanding and user needs analysis

Idea and concept sketching

Creative and systematic methods

Functional models for testing and verification

Structuring and facilitation of workshops

Product architecture and product platform

Mechanism design, dynamic and static analysis

Strength calculations include FEA

Construction and CAD modeling

Work planning and economy

Technology understanding

Working environment

Construction site research

Actor knowledge, culture model

Network, contractor, end user

Sequence analysis

Flow analysis

3D workflow simulation

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Lolle & Nielsen Inventions was founded in Copenhagen in 2010

by mechanical engineer Andreas Lolle & design engineer

Steffen Nielsen Österberg


We are always looking for talented people. You are an industrial designer, design engineer, mechanical engineer, or just curious and creative. You have a passion for product development and mastered skills in industrial design and/or engineering


For job, internship or student assistant, please send application and portfolio to

Pictures from our office and workshop

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